Kota Japan Knife Sharpening eBook available for download

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Kota Japan Knife Sharpening eBook available for download

Our new knife sharpening guide is now available to download.  Have a look if you need instructions on the best way to use the Kota Japan Knife Sharpeners / Whetstones. You can view it here or download it to your own device to greater convenience.


You can also find it referenced to on our FAQ page.

7 Comments so far:

  1. Johnny Garcia says:

    Not much to say, I just got the sharpening rod.

  2. Alan Becker says:

    I just purchased and used this sharpener for the first time and am quite happy with the results. Thank you

  3. Rory Roberts says:

    Just received so have only sharpened a couple of knives. Works well

  4. Robert Bernard says:

    I purchased the diamond sharp 400/1000 grit stone on amazon.I can’t tell one side from the other. How do I determine the grit difference. It looks and feels the same. I don’t want to leave bad reviews or return it but I’m at a loss. You should have stamped each side or something.

  5. Mario Francis says:

    Thank you for your products. I am very satisfied with your sharping stones, and your sharping steel.

  6. john m davis says:

    send ebook for knife sharpening.

  7. Ralph Boughton says:

    The best sharpening rod one can buy. It will bring back knives to usable edges. It is a little to aggressive for fine honing so would recommend that if that fine an edge is desired one should acquire a less aggressive stone for use after this rod. But the edge you can achieve with this rod will work for most needs, and I would guess is better than the edge on the blade you currently are using. Let’s face it the dull knife is the most dangerous knife. And this is the best sharpener for getting your edges to a sharpness of useable safety. But is only the first step if ultra sharp is your goal.

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